The Quantum Optics and Quantum Information group is part of the Theoretical Physics Division of the Department of Physics of St Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia. Members of the group have pioneered the theoretical development of new adiabatic and composite quantum control techniques, many of which have been experimentally demonstrated. Some of these methods have been successfully applied to polarization and nonlinear optics. The research interests of the group are in several different areas:

- quantum control in semiclassical and quantum optics (including adiabatic and composite techniques);

- quantum computation (including physical impllementations of quantum gates and quantum algorithms);

- quantum simulations, quantum sensing and metrology;

- classical polarization and nonlinear optics (including implementation of quantum control techniques to classical physics).

The theoretical work of the group is based upon several physical platforms: trapped ions, trapped atoms, doped solids, classical optics. The group has extensive network of collaborations with groups from Europe, United States and Australia.

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